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To fly with us you don´t need do have specific experience or training. All people of any age can fly with us as soon as we can talk during the flight. We offer all the best and newest equipment to fly with you. We will show you our safety introduction video first, your safety is our priority.

-clothes you would wear for hiking
-walking boots or trainers.
-good mood and a bit of courage to get into the air

Our main flying area is Arco da Calheta, the famous and most flyable place all over Portugal.
Thanks to it´s perfect location up on the hill we can fly over the most beautiful landscapes, cliffs, mountains, forests, waterfalls, sea and beaches.

Usually we start flying at noon when the weather conditions begin to be great and safe. Due to the fact that we simply don´t want to fly you only down to the beach but higher than our take-off spot and share the passion of high level paragliding we don´t fly in the morning.
Tandem flights can be done with a max. wind speed up to 35 km/h. Therefor Arco da Calheta is by far the best place to fly during the whole year (+300 days/year)
All flights and reservations are depending on daily weather conditions.

The passenger sits in the first row in front of the instructor. Here you can enjoy first class view.

No problem at all, the vertigo effect disappears as soon as we are leaving the ground.
If you might suffer vertigo please let us know before the flight so we can prepare.


All you need to do for take-off is a couple of steps forward and you will be in the air. So we don’t jump over the cliff, the air takes us up gently.

You simply lift your legs up and we land seated on our comfortable foam protector which is mounted under our seats.

We have very comfortable seats which allows us to sit almost as relaxed as on a sofa.
Your hands are free for waiving, clapping or recording the flight on your phone and take selfies.

We guarantee a minimum flight duration of 15 minutes. The whole activity incl. safety instructions and training with return back to base will last about 1 hour.

This is not usual, generally if you don’t suffer travel/motion sickness you should not feel strange during the flight. Please don´t eat or drink short before the flight, alcohol is not allowed.

There is no minimum or maximum age limit. It is enough to tell the age of the passenger at the moment of the reservation, the same if the person has some physical limitations.


Weight is only important at the time of the reservation. Depending on your weight we will make appointment for flying related to the wind and weather.
Only above 90 kg we prefer to fly with you with more wind to guarantee our exclusive minimum flight time.

To fly with us you must have a reservation. We fly every flyable day, weekdays, saturday, sunday and on holidays, but it’s not possible to book it in advance. We decide day by day, if it’s possible to fly.
All you have to do is contact us the day you want to fly by: Telephone, Email, Signal, WhatsApp, Facebook , Instagram … and we will setup an appointment with you.

That very easy, Google Maps “Madeira Paragliding” it´s our private starting place, see address.

If we don´t land on the same place we usually come back by taxi.
There are no additional costs.

Flying depends 100% on the weather conditions.
Normally we fly from noon/midday until 18:00h.

We always welcome people to visit our starting place without being passenger or pilot.
We offer benches, chairs or soft short grass from where to watch our activity.


Of course we have bathrooms. Drinking water is available as well.
You can change and deposit your clothes/belonging. Wifi Internet is free as well.

Payment is after the activity directly to the instructor in cash.
In case of a reservation through an agency you must bring and show the voucher with the payment confirmation.

If you want your emotional flight to be recorded from start till landing in full HD quality with photos in 10 seconds interval, we have camera-equipment and memory cards (micro SD) for exclusive take-away (25€).
You can bring your own phone or camera for free, make sure it has a safety leach or a pocket to prevent from falling.

Our pilots have a certified tandem qualification and between 15 up to 30 years flying experience. Our equipment is less than 2 years new and from german brand. If the weather conditions are not safe enough we postpone or cancel the activity.

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